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Watch Kate McKinnon and Billy Eichner Trick People into Believing She’s Reese Witherspoon

  • May 30, 2019
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Kate McKinnon is famous for her Saturday Night Live impressions. But impersonating Reese Witherspoon had … mixed results.

During a new episode of Billy on the Street with host Billy Eichner, McKinnon attempts to fool New Yorkers into believing that she’s the 43-year-old Big Little Lies actress. And while some fall for it, others see straight through the hilarious stunt.

“Hey guys, it’s Billy and I’m out here today and it’s one of the biggest days we’ve ever had on Billy on the Street because joining us for the first time is one of my favorite actresses and yours. From Legally Blonde to Big Little Lies to one of my personal favorites, Election, please welcome to Billy on the Street for the first time, Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon,” Eichner, 40, kicks off the video.

Wearing a baby blue, lemon-adorned sundress — similar to dresses from Witherspoon’s Draper James line — and speaking in a southern accent, McKinnon says, “This is exciting. I’ve never done a Man on the Street segment before.”

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The first person the duo encounters is a female violinist, who saw Legally Blonde and believes McKinnon to be Witherspoon. “You’re awesome,” the woman says.

When the woman asks, “What’s the meaning of life?” McKinnon, 35, replies Witherspoon-style, “It is tough to tell in this heat, y’all. I don’t know. I think be yourself and just love who you love, I guess.”

Billy on the Street

The pair continues to come across multiple people who believe McKinnon to be Witherspoon, including a man who recalls meeting the Big Little Lies star at an event.

“Reese, how are you? You and I have Mary Kay and Nancy Meyers in common. We were at Nancy Meyers’ daughter’s film and remember we had a long conversation,” he says, noting that he is “Sheila’s husband.”

“She is spectacular,” he says about Witherspoon before he proceeds to invite her to “come to dinner my love the next time you’re in town.”

But not everyone is fooled by McKinnon’s acting.

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When Eichner asks a young woman if she thinks “Reese Witherspoon is grateful for the freedom of speech,” the woman points out, “Well, this is Kate McKinnon.”

Stefanie Keenan/Getty

And the next person they come across isn’t convinced either.

While a man notes that the woman before him “is the bomb,” he points out that she’s on “SNL.”

“No, it’s Reese Witherspoon,” says Eichner.

Clearly not believing the spoof, the man fires back, “No, yeah right.”

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