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Sophie Turner Shocked at Finale Clue in Game of Thrones Season 1 Poster: ‘We Can’t Talk About It’

  • May 30, 2019
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WARNING: The following story contains spoilers from season 8 of Game of Thrones.

Sophie Turner is just as excited as Game of Thrones fans to discover that there were early clues that hinted at the show’s conclusion.

Turner, 23, was shocked to learn that there was a potential Easter egg out there all along about who would end up as king, hidden in the poster for season 1.

Turner came to the realization during an interview with Metro with her Dark Phoenix costar Jessica Chastain, who explained that the season 1 poster not only featured her character Sansa Stark’s father Ned Stark (Sean Bean) sitting on the Iron Throne, but a raven as well.

“You know the poster for the first season — you know what’s on it?” Chastain, 42, asked Turner. “So it’s your papa on the throne, and there’s a raven on the throne, right to his right.”

Now, why would a raven be significant? Game of Thrones fans will know that Sansa’s younger brother, Bran (Isaac Hempstead-Wright), becomes the Three-Eyed Raven before he’s crowned king in the season 8 finale.

The realization hit Turner all at once, causing her to let out a gasp before covering her mouth.

“We can’t talk about it,” Turner said in response. The actress said she’s still nervous about spoiling the ending for those who haven’t yet watched the finale.

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Turner pointed out another little piece of foreshadowing that hinted at Sansa’s ultimate fate of becoming Queen in the North.

“I don’t know, I haven’t really looked back far enough,” Turner said when asked what foreshadowing fans might have missed. She then recalled, “Well, the first episode of Season 1, Sansa goes, ‘I want to be queen, mummy, someday.’”

Turner herself has been a source for secret hints about the drama’s conclusion.

Last year, she got a tattoo of a direwolf — the Stark’s house sigil — on the back of her arm, along with the phrase “the pack survives.”

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Speaking with late night host James Corden shortly after getting the ink, Turner said it wasn’t a spoiler.

“When I was getting it done, people advised me not to because it looked like I was giving everything away,” she said. “But I wasn’t! It’s just a quote from last season, but everyone figures that the pack really does survive, but it’s just a moral that I like to live by.”

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After the finale, the actress posted a photo to Instagram of the three surviving Stark children — Bran, Sansa and Arya (Maisie Williams) — along with the phrase “the pack survived” as the caption.

Turner also posted a sweet tribute to her character in honor of the finale, saying that Sansa taught her “true strength.”

“Sansa, Thank you for teaching me resilience, bravery and what true strength really is,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “Thank you for teaching me to be kind and patient and to lead with love.”

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