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  • November 7, 2019
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Tay Tay introduced Selena as “one of the realest and truest of the friends I’ve had in my entire life,” before jumping into the jam together. The BFFs even coordinated outfits, with Gomez wearing a strapless black jumpsuit embellished with sequins, and the “Shake It Off” star in a snakeskin print bodysuit and oversized moto jacket (also sparkly). 

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After their iconic performance, the “Wolves” singer gushed about her friendship with Swift, saying: “The reason why she has been one of my best friends is because this person has never, ever judge a single decision I’ve made.”

She continued: “But honestly thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting someone that I know that is the most beautiful, strong, independent woman I’ve ever met. So thank you for supporting my best friend.”

The love fest didn’t stop there, as Swift sent some social media praise Selena’s way post-show on Instagram. “To the person I could call at any time of day, who has been there no matter what… you absolutely KILLED IT tonight and everyone was so excited to see you,” Swift wrote. “I love you, and 60,000 people at the Rose Bowl loved you too.”

Is it too much to ask for a joint tour from these ladies? Come on…

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