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  • November 11, 2019
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Even if you don’t know Spanish, the lyrics to Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito” remix featuring Justin Bieber was 100 percent stuck in your head at some point this year.

Bieber sings:

Comin’ over in my direction

So thankful for that, it’s such a blessin’, yeah

Turn every situation into heaven, yeah

Oh-oh, you are

My sunrise on the darkest day

Got me feeling some kind of way

Make me wanna savor every moment slowly, slowly

And then Fonsi goes:

Oh! Tú, tú eres el imam y yo soy el metal

Me voy acercando y voy Armando el plan

Sólo con pensarlo se acelera el ulso

DESPACITO!  Sorry, we had to.

Why is this relevant? On Tuesday, both Demi Lovato and Luis Fonsi each took to Instagram to announce that their new jam, “Echame la Culpa,” which translates to “Blame Me,” drops this Friday, Nov. 17.

In a cryptic ‘gram, Lovato shared a seconds-long clip of what is likely a new music video for the song. It’s dark, it’s sexy, you see a female figure moving in a distance, and most importantly: she’s singing Spanish! The track sounds like a mix of Latin pop and reggaeton, a.k.a. the same formula that made “Despacito” repeatedly break records this year.

Fonsi followed up with a shot of himself lying in bed with pillows covered in the name of the song.

In an interview with Billboard, Fonsi revealed that he’s gearing up to release “a fun song, a fun record,” adding, “we already shot the music video.”

Fans think this shot of Lovato on set is proof enough that their collaboration is the one he referred to in the interview.

The countdown is on.

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