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Francisco Costa introduces breast print clothing at Calvin Klein Resort show

  • November 4, 2019
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New York – In the hour in which fashion and feminism have met, Francisco Costa, the
Creative Director of Calvin Klein Collection, has introduced the world to
breast print clothing. In solidarity with those who stand behind the “free
the nipple movement”, the movement that seeks to empower women and reduce
stigma against toplessness, Costa has designed a series of breast patterned
dresses he sent down the runway at the Calvin Klein Resort show.

For this collection, Costa collaborated with artist Alice Lancaster who he
actually discovered on Instagram. The linear shaped print appeared on
multiple pieces sent down the runway, including dresses, skirts, a leather
coat, and even sneakers. Costa seems to be out to not only make the breast
pattern a statement of female empowerment, but, also, to make it the
biggest trend for the resort season.

Costa’s collection helps combat stigma of topless women

If the “free the nipple movement” is lucky, this will surely catch on to
other fashion houses, and of course the fast-fashion retailers. However,
nudity illustrated on the runway is nothing new. Last fall 2015, Gucci sent
a see-through blouse down the runway, and Christopher Kane had a series of
orgy patterned dresses. The female body seems to be seeing a revolutionary
celebration in fashion, though, with nude illustrations depicted on clothes
and stars in sheer dresses walking down the runway showing off more of
their bodies than ever.

Tasteful nudity and nude expressionism seems to be what fashion is trending
towards in women’s wear this year. What Costa has done helps to further the
movement in the idea of the female body as living art and not just an
object of sexual desire. While some might think the idea of breast drawn on
clothes is ludicrous, others like Costa would ask, “what’s the big deal?”

It’s that kind of attitude helping to eliminate the stigma of toplessness
among women. Fashion is about never believing in censorship, so is the
topless movement, making the two almost go hand-in-hand. It just took a
designer the likes of Costa to see it and capitalize on it in the most
stylish way possible: an entire runway collection. Thanks to Costa, the
world is a little bit closer to ending the stigma against topless women.
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