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Fashion fast forward

  • November 5, 2019
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The old adage “The early bird catches the worms” is never truer than when applied to the world of fashion. Being ahead of the trends is a characteristic worthy of worship, whereas being abreast of the latest trends is admirable. And smart, because planning ahead can save a great deal of headache, let alone imperative for anyone working in fashion. So it was no wonder that at this weekend’s fashion trade fair Pret a Porter Paris, fashion journalists and retailers were clamouring to jot down notes on what’s hot for spring/summer 2006. In a special section of the show called the Trend Forum the various look for next season were showcased in specially set up window displays and were accompanied by detailed description of key colours, materials, silhouettes and shapes.

The new season can look forward to three major fashion currents: Waterland, Wonderland and Primitiveland. These are in turn divided into six sub-categories: Acquastar and Miss Clean; Acid Baby Doll and Princess Memory; and First Class Passenger and Ethnic Queen. Aquastar and Miss Clean allude to the clean, minimalist lines and cool and ultra clean aquatic colours of Waterland. Miss Clean’s colours tend towards various shades of white and silver, the shapes are clean and sober with raw detaling. Aquastar’s shapes are neo-classical and the silhouette is sculptured. Fabrics are fluid and taffetta is a favourite.

Wonderland signifies on the one hand Princess Memory’s flirty, floral look and on the other hand Acid Baby Doll’s bright, acid colours, synthetic fabrics and almost Japanese cartoon-esque style. These are two different takes on the girly look, one being romantic and the other edgier and funky. Empire-waisted dressed are making a reappearance next spring as are baby doll dresses. Meanwhile, sporty synthetic looks combined with little girl cotton items in a riot of colours will be all the rage. Blame Gwen Stefani and the Harajuku girls, if you will.

Finally, the Primitiveland look combines the up-market Safari look of First Class Passenger with the wild prints and the traditional African dress shapes of the Ethnic Queen. Earth tones and gold are hot for spring 2006. Leather Roman style sandals worn with khaki vests and bermuda shorts, and lots of orange, bead detailing and animal prints will be what everyone will want to wear. This is definitely a look that celebrates French label Antik Batik, which is known for its tropical prints. In other words, don’t get rid of your baby doll dresses and prints, because you’ll be needing them next spring.

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