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  • April 1, 2019
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Do you want to be the ghost ship materialising out of the fog with a load of gruesome, rotting zombies on board? What a stupid question. Yes, obviously.

That’s what’s coming in Curse of the Vampire Coast, a new mini-expansion for Total War: Warhammer 2. It’s due 8th November, not quite in time for Halloween, and costs ?14 (it’s discounted to ?12.59 currently).

The win condition for the new campaign, and for the four new Legendary Lords, is to grow infamy and become the most dreaded pirate captain on the sea. You do this by winning battles and establishing Pirate Coves, a new thing. They let you – instead of taking, sacking or razing ports – build a sneaky sub-settlement nearby, which siphons off income plus any other benefits you’ve unlocked upgrading your Cove.

Your Pirate Lord also has their own unique ship, which can contain many powerful upgrades, and they can occupy settlements, meaning they get the best bits of both the Horde factions and Settled factions.

And when finally your infamy rises high enough, other pirate captains will seek you out for battle, and only then can you gain from them the verses of the ancient sea shanty to power some great harpoon to slay some great reawakened beasty.

On top of all this are new battlefields, Rites, treasure maps, Pieces of Eight challenges which unlock elite units, and obviously a load of new units and story too.

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