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Anna Kendrick’s Impression of Kristen Stewart Is So Spot-On

  • November 8, 2019
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Anna Kendrick is a woman of many talents: singing, dancing, acting, and apparently, impersonations! Well, she only does one impression, but it’s really, really good.

The starlet stopped by The Tonight Show to talk about the latest installment in the Pitch Perfect movie franchise, when host Jimmy Fallon brought up the subject of her one killer impression.

“I do one impression, and it’s the weirdest impression, too. I should have like a Christopher Walken or something, and I have a Kristen Stewart. I don’t why,” Kendrick told Fallon. “I love her and I’ve done it to her and she was like ‘oh yeah, I do that with my mouth.'”

Grinning, Fallon requested that Kendrick do an impression of the Twilight actress while explaining the plot of Pitch Perfect 3.

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“Um you know, there’s like. The Bellas are out of college, and um, you know,” Kendrick as Kristen says out of the corner of her mouth while brushing her hair out of her face nervously. “Uh, they go on a USO tour and there’s like, you know, hilarity ensues… so.”

Watch Kendrick’s uncanny Kristen Stewart impression in the video above.

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