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A Gucci Model Carried Her Own Severed Head on the Runway

  • November 8, 2019
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Milan Fashion Week just kicked off, but Gucci has already put in their bid for wackiest fashion show of the season. The iconic house sent their models down the runway on Wednesday in Milan carrying almost perfect replicas of their own severed heads instead of clutches. Gruesome, no?



Game of Thrones fans might recognize that the heads look a tad like those in the Hall of Faces, and that’s not the only GoT reference from Wednesday’s show. Gucci also sent models down the runway holding baby dragons that look just like one of Khaleesi’s three “children.” Hopefully, though, these ones didn’t breathe fire on the models. Snakes and lizards also made their way down the runway in the models’ hands.


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The wacky runway also featured Fifty Shades-esque nipple clamps and face masks that made the models look like they were about to commit a (stylish) armed robbery right after the show.



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